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ProductCamp ON>LINE

June 11, 2021


ProductCamp ON>LINE™ leverages the power of 8 camps in 8 cities in one value-packed event for product professionals.


Join us for a pre-party

June 10 @ 5:00pm ET

Get an early start on Product Camp with networking and a panel discussion.

Trends in Product Management, 2021

Dan Olsen

The Lean Product Playbook

Product Management Trainer and author of The Lean Product Playbook

Pamela Schure


Senior Consultant at LeadingAgile

Steve Johnson

Under10 Consulting

Creator of "No Chaos" product management and author of Turn Ideas Into Products

JJ Rorie

Sequent Learning

Product Management Executive | Speaker | Motivational Trainer | Business Leader

Paul Young

Pragmatic Institute

Executive Leader in Product Management and Marketing

Hector Del Castillo

Bold PM

Chief Product Officer and session moderator